Why Multivital 2.0?

~ One Device; Multiple Parameter ~

12 Lead ECG by 


SanketLife Multivital comes with our patented 12-Lead ECG technology, which works just by TOUCH. This means that no leads or wires need to be attached to the body to capture ECG and the device only needs to be touched at different points of body. 

12 Lead- ECG with Leads(wires)

At times when users are elderly or unconscious and are unable to take the ECG Test on their own, we provide them with the Lead-Based ECG solution. The device consists of an audio jack that can easily make the leadless ECG device into a lead-based device with the help of a Switchsy Converter and DB15 Cable.

Blood Oxygen-Spo2 

and Heart Rate

Now measure accurate Blood Oxygen levels just by putting your finger on sensor in Agatsa Multivital 2.0 

Mental Health-


Heart Rate Variability (HRV) is the amount of time between your Heart beat when they fluctuate when either the person is stressed out of works out.With Agatsa'spatentedTouch-based ECG Technology.our Multivital device calculates these variations very accurately,even though they are undetectable. 


Digital ECG, SpO2, temperature Records


Accuracy from Medical



Make and Made

in India

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  •  HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Monitoring
  •  Spot Check SpO2
  •  Leadless/Lead base 12-Lead ECG
  •  Contact Less Infrared Temperature
  •  Wi-Fi Connectivity
  •  Bluetooth Connectivity
  •  Android and iOS App Support
  •  In-App interpretation
  •  AI-Driven Technology
  •  Unlimited ECG
  •  2-year warranty (free repair and replacement)
  • OLED Display
  • Li - Ion Battery (Chargeable)
  • 5 Electrodes (3 for ECG, 1 PPG for SpO2 and 1 IR temp.)
  • Charging port (USB connectivity)
  • Operating Condition (Max: 45℃ and Min: 10℃
  • Storage/Transportation Condition (Max: 60℃ and Min: -5℃)
  • Device Dimension :- 96X50X22 mm
  • Device Weight :- 100 gm
  • Battery Capacity :- 600mAH
  • Battery Output :- 3.7 to 42 V
  • Frequency Response :- 0.5 Hz to 100 Hz 
  • CMRR :- 90dB
  • Input Impendence :- 5GOhm
  • Differential Range :- +/- 300mV
  • Resolution :- 10 Bits 
  • DC Offset Correction :- +/- 8 mV 
  • ECG Channel :- Single Channel

Get Your Own ECG 


Get Hospital like ECG and Multiple Parameter 

Monitoring  Setup

Unlimited ECG Subscription

This Multivital 2.0 combo offers customers unlimited ECG testing, allowing them to take a 12-lead ECG at any time and from any location. This is a one-time investment because there are no recurring expenses in any way.

Completely Digital

This device enables users to get reports digitally in PDF format that they can easily share with their consultants. Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, and an in-built display are also included in this device.

Cloud Back-Up

All the data is safely uploaded via cloud connectivity. so that in case of an emergency, users can get their past reports easily on mobile.

Cardiologist Support

Agatsa has a team of seasoned cardiologists with over 15 years of experience. Approximately 10,000 users are evaluated by our cardiologists. We are offering users to get ECG reviews in just 10 minutes at a minimal cost.

Free & Secure Delivery

We fulfill all your orders as quickly as possible.

2-year Warranty Policy

Any issue with the device, not related to the usage or damages, we will provide you a completely new piece without any extra charge.

24 x 7 Customer Support

For all questions - our 24/7 customer support is happy to answer.

Make in India; 

Made for World!

Agatsa has been World's ambassador in innovating Pocket, medical grade 12-Lead 'Connected' ECG device which works just with TOUCH! Our Multivital Device is a pocket device, completely Digital capable of taking 1/3/6/12 Lead ECG, by Touch or can be even converted to a lead device. It's a multiparameter device capable of monitoring blood Oxygen, Temperature and HRV and makes it easy for the doctors to diagnose symptomatic patients at the Point of care quickly and also the Heart patients to monitor their Heart with ease at home! When connected with Sanketlife Mobile App, you get six pages of detailed ECG report. Fast interpretation by AI as well as Human experts (Cardiologists) within minutes. This gives Tele-Cardiology and remote Health monitoring a real Meaning!!Not just this! and Multiple Parameter Monitoring  Setup. 



All are devices are medically validated and  thoroughly checked for Accuracy!


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