Multivital 2.0 - Monitor your Lungs, Temperature and Heart by just one Touch!!

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Say Hello to The All New Multivital 2.0 - Reinventing Multivital 1.0

  • Inbuilt Display - So you don't need a Phone always 
  • Check your Lungs Faster - Monitor Vital Blood Oxygen (SpO2) with more advanced PPG Sensor
  • Mental and Body Stress - Instantly checks your Stress Levels,by measuring Heart Rate ( HR) from ECG and Heart Rate Variability (HRV), so that you can rest before you break
  • Heart Check - Cleanest 1/3/6/12 Lead ECG, only by Touch, with the fastest Interpretation by AI as well as Human experts (Cardiologists)
  • Temperature - Contactless Temperature in just 3 seconds with Advanced Infrared Technology
  • Unlimited users - One Device for all. Use it for yourself, your full family or at a physician's clinic by a doctor to monitor patients
  • Wifi and Bluetooth - Data Backup on Cloud for future references. Detailed In-depth AI-based Analysis and Remote Monitoring