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Multivital 2.0 - Monitor your Lungs, Temperature and Heart by just one Touch!!

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Say Hello to The All New Multivital 2.0 - Reinventing Multivital 1.0

  • Inbuilt Display - So you don't need a Phone always 
  • Check your Lungs Faster - Monitor Vital Blood Oxygen (SpO2) with more advanced PPG Sensor
  • Mental and Body Stress - Instantly checks your Stress Levels,by measuring Heart Rate ( HR) from ECG and Heart Rate Variability (HRV), so that you can rest before you break
  • Heart Check - Cleanest 1/3/6/12 Lead ECG, only by Touch, with the fastest Interpretation by AI as well as Human experts (Cardiologists)
  • Temperature - Contactless Temperature in just 3 seconds with Advanced Infrared Technology
  • Unlimited users - One Device for all. Use it for yourself, your full family or at a physician's clinic by a doctor to monitor patients
  • Wifi and Bluetooth - Data Backup on Cloud for future references. Detailed In-depth AI-based Analysis and Remote Monitoring
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ECG, HRV, Temperature & SPO2


Take your ECG in a minute at Anywhere/Anytime
Agatsa (Made In India)
Upto 4hrs  

Upto 100 gram


Agatsa Multivital 2.0 device is a pocket device, completely Digital, capable of taking 1/3/6/12 Lead ECG, by Touch, or can be even converted to a lead device.
Heart rate variability is a new way to track your health and stress. Measure your HRV or stress levels and track your daily well-being/fitness in a doctor-recommended format.
SanketLife has a mobile app that connects to its own cloud, through which it is easy to keep a backup record of all the reports for future reference, which no other ECG product provides in the world. Agatsa offers you an easy way to store your daily heart data in its cloud for future reference.
A Quick Doctor consultation option is available on the Sanketlife application with nominal charges. Get your health report monitored quickly and easily by India's best cardiologist.

Support & Warranty

24*7 Support available 
One year warranty
Digital ECG, SpO2, temperature Records
User Rating
Accuracy from Medical Trials

Multivital 2.0 - Monitor your Lungs, Temperature and Heart by just one Touch!! 

ECG Anytime, Anywhere
Pocket Sized
Digital Report

Cardiologist Support

Agatsa has a team of seasoned cardiologists with over 15 years of experience. Approximately 10,000 users are evaluated by our cardiologists. We are offering users to get ECG reviews in just 10 minutes at a minimal cost.

Cloud Back-Up

Front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide more stable response with reliable all-weather stopping action? You can ride comfortably and safely with flat, wide pedals, front brakes and rear disc brakes.

Completely Digital

This device enables users to get reports digitally in PDF format that they can easily share with their consultants. Bluetooth connectivity, Wi-Fi connectivity, and an in-built display are also included in this device.

Unlimited ECG Subscription

This Multivital 2.0 combo offers customers unlimited ECG testing, allowing them to take a 12-lead ECG at any time and from any location. This is a one-time investment because there are no recurring expenses in any way.

UnLimited ECG With Multivital 2.0 with DB18 Cable and converter

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Multivital 2.0-Get Combo Offer of Unlimited 12-Lead ECG Subscription & Monitor your ECG/HRV, SpO2 and Temperature with Converter and DB15 cable
Rs. 9,950.00 Rs. 14,999.00

HRV (Heart Rate Variability) Monitoring

 Spot Check SpO2

 Leadless/Lead base 12-Lead ECG

 Contact Less Infrared Temperature

 Wi-Fi Connectivity

 Bluetooth Connectivity

 Android and iOS App Support

 In-App interpretation

 AI-Driven Technology

 Unlimited ECG

 2-year warranty (free repair and replacement)

OLED Display

Li - Ion Battery (Chargeable)

5 Electrodes (3 for ECG, 1 PPG for SpO2 and 1 IR temp.)

Charging port (USB connectivity)

Operating Condition (Max: 45℃ and Min: 10℃

Frequently Asked Questions

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How Many diseases your Multivital 2.0 app can detect?
The SanketLife app with the help of an Algorithm can detect almost 80 cardiac diseases. After taking an ECG with the Multivital 2.0 device, the report generated is analysed and the AI algorithm alarms you in case of any abnormalities detected. 
How can Lead III, AVR, AVL, and AFV Generate?
These leads are auto-generated after takingtwo leads ( Lead I and Lead II) with the help of an AI algorithm. 
What comes in the interpretation report?
The interpretation report will show you the basic interpretation and conditions of your heart like Sinus Rhythm, SinusBradycardia, Sinus Tachycardia, Atrial Fibrillation and Supraventricular Tachycardia. The interpretation report is based entirely on the AIalgorithm. 
Whatis the Battery backup of the SanketLife device? 
SanketLife 2.0 uses one coin cell CR2032 and SanketLife pro+ uses two-coin cells CR2032, which gives battery backup of up tosix months based on the usage. Multivital 2.0 comes with a USB charging port and gives battery backup of up to four hours based on the usage.