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PPG or Photoplethysmography is a simple optical technique used to monitor blood flow and transportation of substances in the blood. Clinically, it is being used to monitor Blood Oxygen or Blood Saturation (SpO2) levels. Agatsa's Multivital 2.0 has more Powerful PPG sensor, with unique fast signal acquisition algorithm. This enables More data in Less time, giving you Accurate SpO2 and Heart Rate faster than ever. This provides unique information about cardiovascular and Respiratory Health. Use it for monitoring family's Spo2 levels during these Covid times and ensure your loved ones are safe!

Blood Oxygen (SpO2) levels faster and Accurate. One Device for full family!

Agatsa has been World's ambassador in innovating Pocket, medical grade 12-Lead 'Connected' ECG device which works just with TOUCH! Our SanketLife Device is a pocket device, completely Digital capable of taking 1/3/6/12 Lead ECG, by Touch or can be even converted to a lead device. This makes it easy for the doctors to diagnose symptomatic patients at the Point of care quickly and also the Heart patients to monitor their Heart with ease at home! When connected with Sanketlife Mobile App, you get six pages of detailed ECG report. Fast interpretation by AI as well as Human experts (Cardiologists) within minutes. This gives Tele-Cardiology and remote Health monitoring a real Meaning!!

Medical Grade ECG in your Pocket!! For your Better Heart Health

Heart rate variability (HRV) is where the amount of time between your heartbeats fluctuates slightly. With Agatsa's Patented Touch based ECG technology our Multivital device calculates these variations very accurately, even though these fluctuations are undetectable. HRV is a very important parameter to monitor as it can indicate general fitness or health problems. In general, low heart rate variability is considered a sign of current or future health problems because it shows your body is less resilient and cannot handle changing situations Low HRV is usually found in people having heart conditions, diabetes, Hypertension, Asthma and/or mental and physical stress. Other mental health issues like anxiety/ depression can also be monitored as they are associated with low HRV. Not just this! If you are an athelete or a fitness enthisiast HRV is very important for you to monitor!

HRV - The new indicator of Health!!

Screening Body temperature, has become very important in order to assess whether a person might be infected from COVID-19. Community temperature screening at offices, airports, malls and all such places where an infected person might cause bigger spread a Contactless (non-contact) temperature monitoring device has become imperative. Needless, to say, a contact based temperature measuring, such as Oral thermometers increase the chance of spread even more.

With Multivital Contactless temperature measuring system, mass screening for COVID infection can be done or keeping a tab on your body temperature when infected is also possible. Within few seconds, get accurate temperature.

Temperature - Contactless measurement in seconds

Multivital 2.0 - Monitor your Lungs, Temperature and Heart by just one Touch!!
Rs. 5,664.00 INR Regular price Rs. 9,999.00

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Multivital 2.0 - Monitor your Lungs, Temperature and Heart by just one Touch!!
Rs. 5,664.00 INR Regular price Rs. 9,999.00

How to use Multivital 2.0

Multivital 2.0 - Monitor your Lungs, Temperature and Heart by just one Touch!!
Rs. 5,664.00 INR Regular price Rs. 9,999.00

SanketLife App

Why to monitor your vitals and forget them? Or chart them on a paper? Or get paper reports just to manage them all the time when we can manage them digitally on our Cloud?With our 'Connected' devices, Get all your Data saved on our Cloud for future references. Also get trends and AI enabled reports for better understanding of your health status!

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Best tool to help a doctor's assistant screen visiting patients in seconds for ECG, SpO2, Heart Rate and Temperature. We focus on building technology that increases the frequency of low-touch interactions between patients and providers.